All about the “Wine”

Who would have ever thought that a lil side line wine gig would so totally change my life? Not me! When I think about it I am still blown away by how much Traveling Vineyard has impacted my life, so so so much more than just amazing wine!

July of 2015 a friend of mine hosted a private wine tasting event at her home that I almost didn’t even go too.  So… at the very last-minute my friend messaged me and said, “SHELLEY- you ARE coming to my event aren’t you? Me, well… I am not sure… blah blah blah. Finally she was like, SHELLEY- you LOVE wine so you need to come it will be fun! So, I did and boy was she right! I loved the wine (I was blown away to be exact), I totally loved the atmosphere, like who’s ever heard of a private in home wine tasting not me! I was impressed that I learned new things about wine that I didn’t know before as I was quite the wine snob back then (HA). Then, to top it all off, the part that really BLOWS ME AWAY- I decided to become a wine guide myself and joined 2 days later!

Becoming a wine guide was just the start of the life changes I would experience with Traveling Vineyard. This “job” has done so much for me personally. I got into it to make some extra cash to help pay down our debt (so we can get to purchasing our little self-sustaining farm) and also to help pay the bills in the winter time when our catering business can be a little slow. These were the logical reasons I joined and they still hold true for me. BUT what I’ve gotten has been so much more. I really wasn’t looking for new friendships when I joined and I’ve made some of the BEST friendships since then. Both around the country with other Wine Guides as well as locally too. I’ve noticed that I am much more confident when I go into large groups where I don’t know anyone. I don’t feel as timid and shy as I used too. I LOVE how being in direct sales challenges me interpersonally all of the time. It has really made me take some deep looks within and work through issues I didn’t even know I had. I just love that part! I love the flexibility of being able to work when I’m available and want to work. I love the connections I’ve made with other Direct Sales ladies- and BTW- you guys totally rock! Overall it has been an awesome journey and I get paid for this too!! WOW!

As far as direct sales goes- one of the big reasons I became a Wine Guide is because we are still so new. We have less than 3,000 Wine Guides around the country. This fact alone makes this opportunity amazing! We conduct our business in just about every state. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you think you’d like to do this wine gig too!! I would LOVE to have you on my team- the fastest growing team in the company!! If you’d like to see for yourself how amazing our wines are feel free to do a little shopping! Cheers Y’all!

Fire Cider-Master Tonic-Cyclone Cider

From my research it’s been called several things, I call it a tincture, some call it a tonic while others call it an elixir, some call it Fire Cider, some say Master Tonic while others yet call it Cyclone Cider no matter the name you give it, it should be in your medicine cabinet! You can make it yourself or you can buy it at most natural food stores. If you live close to us, give us a holler and we’ll sell you some!


Vic’s Cider Brew started between 11/15-3/16

I made this up oh I guess a couple of years ago and Vic pretty much took over the chore of fixing up new brews when needed. So why do we make sure it’s in our medicine cabinet and why should it be in yours? because it is amazing stuff!! It cures just about everything from colds and flu to inflammation like arthritis I’ve actually been using it the last 2 days to cure Strep Throat. I’ve never heard of not taking an antibiotic for Strep but, I think its working I’m not 100% but even went on a hike today! I’ve never done that when I was sick. (update- Fire Cider took care of that Strep Throat in oh- 3 days!!!! WOWZA!!)

So what makes this stuff so good you might be asking? Maybe it’s all the goodies in it. There are some basic ingredients that I’ve seen in everyone’s recipes and then there are things that we’ve added to ours that you might not see in others’ or likewise. Ginger, Garlic, Onions, Hot Peppers of some sort and Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.


Ginger-It reduces pain and inflammation, making it valuable in managing arthritis, headaches, and menstrual cramps.It has a warming effect and stimulates circulation.It inhibits rhinovirus, which can cause the common cold.It inhibits such bacteria as Salmonella, which cause diarrhea, and protozoa, such as Trichomonas.In the intestinal tract, it reduces gas and painful spasms.It may prevent stomach ulcers caused by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

Horseradish Root  As a medicine horseradish root has many curative properties: strong antibiotic, expectorant, bronchodilatator, antibacterial, coronary vasodilatator, it increases the blood pressure, it heats up the body, stimulates the body’s immune system, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, antianemic, antiscorbutic, diuretic. It can stimulate the appetite. It has a cardiotonic effect and is recommended to the people that suffer from high blood pressure. Also it is known that horseradish has aphrodisiacal properties.

Onions-Onions have amazing medicinal qualities and replace a lot of drugs! The main constituents are vitamins C, E, B6, potassium, phosphorus and calcium, sodium, iron, sulfur, iodine, silicon and others too. Also it is low calories (100 g = 38 kcal) and helps burn fat. Those who consume it on a regular basis are less exposed to heart disease, colds and rheumatism. Valued for its therapeutic tonic and anti-infective virtues, onion is a major health and longevity factor.

Tumeric-Turmeric (Curcuma longa), the bright yellow of the spice rainbow, is a powerful medicine that has long been used in the Chinese and Indian systems of medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent to treat a wide variety of conditions, including flatulence, jaundice, menstrual difficulties, bloody urine, hemorrhage, toothache, bruises, chest pain, and colic

Hot Peppers-Fights inflammation, Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Circulation, Boost immunity, Clear Congestion

Garlic-Great for fighting common cold (high in vitamins), Can help reduce blood pressure, It can improve cholesterol levels, has antioxidants that may help fight against Alzheimer’s, It may help detoxify heavy metals in body and many other helpful things for the body.

Citrus (Lemon, Orange, Lime etc.)-Citrus fruits have the advantage of containing several different antioxidants that may help prevent a range of health concerns, from cardiovascular disease and cancer to skin damage from sunlight. Different types of citrus fruits have similar nutrients but in slightly different amounts. In addition to fiber and vitamin C, citrus fruits supply calcium, potassium, folate and vitamin A.

Rosemary-Anti-Inflamatory, Enhanced memory and concentration

Raw Apple Cider vinegar– May lower Blood Sugar, Is Antimicrobial, can kill some bacteria, may help with weight loss, may help to protect against cancer, may be heart healthy.

Raw Honey

It is worth taking a some time to look up information on each ingredient, listed above is just some of the valuable information about what each ingredient can do for your body.


So, for making fire cider, take all of the above ingredients (except the vinegar) and peel, cut up and place in a high-powered blender (or peel, and very small dice/shred each) cover all raw ingredients with your Raw Apple Cider and puree (if in the blender). Pour into Large mason jar (s) and cover for at least 4 weeks. (6-8 weeks is even better) Store in dark cabinet and make sure to shake mason jar(s) daily.

After 6-8 weeks take lid off Mason jar and pour everything through a cheese cloth into a container (sometime we pour through the cheese cloth several times) and then pour the vinegar back into jar. Add Raw Honey to taste. Do not heat up honey and vinegar as it will take away the medicinal properties.

When feeling well, take about 1 tablespoon per day, when you feel like a cold or sickness is coming on go ahead and bump up intake to about 3-5 tablespoons each day until you start feeling better. I have read you can also use the vinegar as a topical as well like on your chest covered with a warm rag when you have a cold. I would think the same hold true for your feet although I haven’t tried either way myself.


*This blog does not represent professional medical care. Please seek medical attention for any concerns regarding your personal health. Do not avoid, delay, disregard professional medical advice, or delay seeking it because of something you read on this site.



The Last of the Granny Witches

A brand new friend just told me to research “The Granny Women” … although my grandmother’s didn’t teach me, it seems that my ancestors have made sure I know my true heritage. That I am now 40 years old and learning who I really am and where I really come from. I’ve always felt odd, I’ve always felt different, weird, an outcast. I am starting to see why I am so passionate about “my herbs” why my spirit is so happy to be alive in this time and space. While reading this passage, I learned why my dear friend RIP Ben S. used to always call me grandma- and I used to get so mad at him, ” Ben, I am only 2 years older than you!!!!” I was called Grandma out of the deepest respect he had for me and for being in his life. WOW! I am also understanding the lyrics of an old Cherokee song we learned 10 years ago. An old Grandmother Healing song. So much is making since. Thank you me new kindered spirit friend for suggesting I look this up. Perhaps if you are still reading, it is time for you to research the Granny Women too! Blessings~

Appalachian Ink ~ Home of Anna Wess (and Granny)

We are a peculiar breed. Our roots grow deeper than the cedars, and yet we don’t know precisely where or who it is that we grew from. We are a mystery as old as these hills themselves, and it doesn’t take much figuring to know that we are enigmas of intentional design and destiny.


God knows our names.

We are not Northerners — damn Yankees, the men folks’ Confederate influence called them — and this we know without a doubt. I myself was always preened into believing I was a Southern child, born out of notions of gallantry and romance, but the fact is, I ain’t a low country belle and I’ve never picked a shred of cotton or been to a debutante ball.

We are not peaches.

And these mountain women before us were not delicate flowers or distressed coquettes. In these old heirloom hills, the women are…

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Authentic Me- The Wine Hippie

Well- here we go! My very first blog! I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while now. I guess to document all the things that we are working on to really live a self-sustained life style.

The last few days I’ve been sitting here trying to think of what to name this blog. So, it came about today while I was on the phone with one of my “wine sisters” (I am a Wine Guide with the Traveling Vineyard) talking to her about how I’d love to wear my awesome new hippie t-shirts that I just got during a visit to Asheville, NC but “I can’t wear those in public, then people will know”…. my daughter had just told me a few days ago, Mom…. it is obvious who you are… a hippie. You always talk about your garden, herbs, living off the land, wine… duh… of course you’re a hippie. LOL So, in these conversations and the one this morning I realized I’ve been running around trying to be somebody I’m not afraid to just be authentically me… all of the time. and folks there you have it The Wine Hippie… ME!

I intend to share information about things I’m passionate about Herbs and making herbal products, Gardening, Cooking, Family Life and I guess our journey to figuring out how to make our home life… our life a reflection of who we are…. hippies!

This quest started on November 8, 2014. My husband and I own a catering company and at the time we were insanely busy…like for real working 20 hour days 80+ hour weeks over …and…over…and…over again months on end. We did this for a long time and then one day enough was enough. I started on a quest for balance for us all. That quest started with several months of looking and thinking about what makes us passionate and happy. Fast forward to now April 2016 and we are working toward living that sustainable life style. We are planning to be living this lifestyle fully by June of 2019.

We have a lot to do during the next few years. Mainly, work toward paying off those debts. Like so many others, we have MORE than our fair share! That is why I became a Wine Guide with TV, to help pay those debts and help us get closer to living the lifestyle we desire. Also, along the way I plan to become a Registered Herbalist as well as a Master Gardener (I am sure Vic will jump into that equation in some way). Along the way we will find some land, find some animals for food and figure out how to live more off grid.

I welcome YOU to enjoy the journey with me! I hope to share things along the way that will help to enhance your life. I help to provide you with little life hacks. Thanks for reading!! Cheers and wine on my friends!!!

The Wine Hippie